Easter Basket Blessing

Saint Mary Magdalen Chapel in Camarillo

CAMARILLO – On Holy Saturday, 8 April 2023, the parish of Saint Mary Magdalen will be having an Easter Basket Blessing (“Święconka“) at 10am at the Saint Mary Magdalen Chapel, 2532 Ventura Boulevard.

A Polish Easter tradition, “baskets containing a sampling of Easter foods are brought to be blessed. The basket is traditionally lined with a white linen or lace napkin and decorated with sprigs of boxwood, and flowers. Poles take special pride in preparing a decorative and tasteful basket with crisp linens, occasionally embroidered for the occasion, and boxwood and ribbon woven through the handle“.

The foods in traditional Polish Easter baskets have a symbolic meaning:

  • eggs: life and Christ’s Resurrection
  • bread: symbol of Jesus
  • lamb made of butter or sugar: represents Christ
  • salt: represents purification
  • horseradish: symbol of the sacrifice of Christ
  • ham: symbol of great joy and abundance

The blessed food remains untouched until breakfast on Easter Sunday morning.

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