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Larry Chapp: Revisiting the ‘Spirit of Vatican II’

David Warren: Quit Your Grumbling

Luke Coppen: Is German Catholicism’s global influence waning?

Jennifer Bryson: Why Do Heretics Remain in the Church?

Robert Royal: The Francis Effect, Ten Years On

JD Flynn and Ed. Condon: Francis, Germany, and the ‘schism card’

Edwin Benson: How Would Saint Patrick See Today’s Saint Patrick’s Day?

Priscilla Smith McCaffrey: Coffee Hour With the Feds

Luiz Sérgio Solimeo: Pope Francis Wages Unjust War on the Latin Mass

George Weigel: The New Ultramontanism and the Dissing of Vatican II

Stephen P. White: The Gospel in Lent

Jaymie Stuart Wolfe: Called to holiness? Well, what’s authentic holiness, anyway?

Ed. Condon: The PR of Vatican financial reform

Robert Royal: The Ruinous Rhetoric of ‘Synodal Interpretation’

Luke Coppen: Which path will German bishops take on the ‘synodal council’?

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Liturgical Dilemma for Diocesan Bishops

Austen Ruse: A Man and a School Awaken

Robert Royal: Having a Good/Bad Lent

Ed. Condon: Does Roche’s rescript dispense with Vatican II?

David Mills: Evelyn Waugh, Ronald Knox and the ‘Great Brotherhood’ of Ash Wednesday

Fr John A. Perricone: All You Need Is Love?

John M. Grondelski: ‘This Mass Is Offered for the Repose of the Soul of…’

Geoffrey Lopes da Silva: Temporary Farewell to Alleluia

Most Rev. James Conley, Bishop of Lincoln: True Love Calls for a Change of Heart

Ed. Condon: Can Pope Francis avoid the Welby trap?

Robert Royal: The Synodal Way’s Great Expectations

John Horvat II: The Revolt Against Humanity Describes a Future Without God

OSV News: Let in the darkness to show the light: A plea for Catholic fiction

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Cardinal George Pell’s Via Crucis in Sydney

JD Flynn: Roche’s gamble — and the Vatican law of power

Christopher O. Tollefsen: Self-Exclusion and the Wounds of Sin: A Response to Cardinal Robert McElroy

David Warren: A Note on Demons

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: The Cat’s Out of the Bag Now, With the Synod on Synodality

Luke Coppen: What will happen at Europe’s synodal continental assembly?

Edwin Benson: The Double Standards of Modern Campuses That Defend Islam Yet Attack Christianity

Adam Lucas: OK, Boomer: It’s time to move on from Vatican II

Francis X. Maier: Remembering an Exceptional Man: Cardinal Francis George

JD Flynn: Cardinal McElroy, Pope Francis and the synod

Fr Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM, Cap.: Repentance for Sin and Sacramental Absolution

Casey Chalk: Remembering 2020 Without Losing Hope

Jon Paul Fabrizio: How Contemplation Can Help Us Solve Today’s Moral Crisis

Paul Joseph Prezzia: The Prince Who Became a Pauper…and a Priest

Andrea Gagliarducci: Pope Francis centralizes authority with reform of Diocese of Rome

George Weigel: Cardinal George Pell: The Encourager

Ed. Condon: ‘Pope Francis unleashed’ vs the ‘conservative plot’ — are either real?

John Horvat II: How a Fairy Tale Prince Became an Anti-Hero

Jonathan Liedl: Who Will Step Up to Replace Cardinal Pell in Defending Truth of the Catholic Faith?

Elizabeth Scalia: The prayers of Bakhita, the hope and help of a book

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Pope Benedict: A Life Marked by 4 Salient Symmetries

Václav Klaus: The somewhat sad funeral of Benedict XVI

Fr John A. Perricone: A Radical Proposal for the USCCB’s Eucharistic Revival

James Parker: Benedict XVI: a steely intellect with a tender heart

OSV News: Pope Benedict XVI: A committed but principled ecumenist

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Pope Benedict’s Great Proposal

Michael R. Heinlein: ‘Jesus of Nazareth’: The Key to Knowing Benedict

Kennedy Hall: A Storm Is Coming When Benedict Dies

Full text: Pope Francis’ Christmas Urbi et Orbi blessing 2022

JD Flynn: Who is to blame for the Rupnik scandals?

Matthew Bunson: The Truly Devout Life of St. Francis de Sales

Robert Royal: What Child Is This?

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Pavone’s Dismissal Could Have Been Avoided

JD Flynn: The perils of papal resignation notes

Phil Lawler: Why Pavone is defrocked—not Martin, not Rupnik

Eric Sammons: The Sad Case of Frank Pavone

Katie Yoder: How to pray the ‘Christmas Novena’ that’s been said for 300 years

Francis X. Maier: Archbishop Paglia: Financial Reform?

JD Flynn: The unsung committee shaping the USCCB

Roland Millare: Joseph Ratzinger and the New Liturgical Movement

Fr Gerald E. Murray: A Different Kind of Catholicism?

JD Flynn: Rupnik scandal is new piece of Vatican mosaic on abuse cases

Jimmy Akin: More People Are Demanding to Be ‘Debaptized’ — Here’s What’s Wrong With That

Ed. Condon: What is the Council of Cardinals for, anymore?

Francis Slobodnik: Let Us Fight Against the Silent War on Christmas

Austin Ruse: The Weaponization of Loneliness

Shawn Tribe: Liturgical Art as Visible Signs of Continuity

Msgr. Charles Pope: Is it the norm to receive Communion in the hand?

Darrick Taylor: A Unified Theory of “Backwardism”

Ed. Condon: The Vatican objects, but does China care?

Robert Royal: Having and Not Having

Katya Fitzpatrick: 3 Tips from St. Josemaría on How to Grow Holier at Holiday Family Gatherings

JD Flynn: Broglio and the politics of affiliation

Christine Arata: Here’s to the Patriarchy: Why the Catholic Church Gives Me the Freedom that the Summer of Love Never Did

Michael Pakaluk: Welcoming the Stranger

Ed. Condon: Broglio: conservative, continuity, or compromise?

George Weigel: Diminished Bishops, the New Ultramontanism and the Synodal Process

Phil Lawler: What ‘active participation’ really means

Raymond L. Cardinal Burke: Latin Mass Sermon for Feast of Christ the King

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Peeking Inside the Synod on Synodality’s Boardroom

JD Flynn: Will the U.S. bishops’ conference talk about a crisis in France?

Francis X. Maier: The Jesuits: What Went Wrong

Casey Chalk: St Martin of Tours: Cultural Imperialist?

Fr Philip Smith: Priestly Obedience in a Post-McCarrick Church, Part I

Hannah Brockhaus: Why do Catholics pray for the dead? — and other questions about purgatory answered

Fr. Gerald E. Murray: A Self-Destructive Synod

Andrea Gagliarducci: Analysis: The significance of Cardinal Zuppi celebrating with Summorum Pontificum pilgrims

Damian Thompson: Vatican II has always been seriously misunderstood

Theoni Bell: 15 Ways to Build a Eucharistic Catholic Home

Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas: What’s Really Needed for a “Eucharistic Revival”?

Hannah Brockhaus: An expert answers 6 common reasons for not going to confession

Edward Pentin: Why Are So Many New Pontifical Academy for Life Members at Odds With Church Teaching on Life and Sexuality?

JD Flynn and Ed. Condon: Who is doing the discerning during the synod?

Vincent Gorre: Tradition: How It Keeps Us Alive and Well

Brad Miner: Two Masses

Ed Condon: Will rebuilding trust be on USCCB’s Baltimore agenda?

Robert Royal: A Piecemeal Vatican III?

Luiz Sérgio Solimeo: The Second Vatican Council Turns 60: Is There Any Reason to Celebrate?

Phil Lawler: A ‘hostile takeover’ of Catholicism?

Darrick Taylor: The Torn Mantle of Paul VI

Edward Pentin: The Religion of King Charles III

Ben Broussard: The Catholic Spirit of Christopher Columbus

Ed. Condon: The rise of Cardinal Grech

Aaron Lambert: Catholic culture and America in film

David G. Bonagura, Jr.: Recovering the real St. Francis of Assisi

John Paul Sonnen: A Rare Glimpse: Hacienda Private House Chapel in Mexico

Richard Szczepanowski: October is the month of the rosary

Jonathan Liedl: Synod Organizers Are Making Their Crisis of Credibility Worse

Jeffrey M. Ostrowski: Steps to Restore Sacred Music

Eric Sammons: The Multiple Religions Coexisting Within the Catholic Church

Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone: It is past time to strike down the death penalty

David Warren: How to be a Monarch

Ed Condon: The Belgian bishops and the fight for Francis’ legacy

Andrea Picciotti-Bayer: Counterfeit Catholicism, Left and Right

Robert B. Greving: On Wearing Socks and the Death of the Queen

Anthony Esolen: Even Wearing Black the Church Shines

Joseph Shaw, PhD: Why British and Commonwealth Catholics Venerate their Protestant Monarch

Rowan Williams: Queen Elizabeth, Servant of God

Eric Sammons: Is a Plurality of Religions Willed by God?

Edward Pentin: A Tribute to My Queen

Andrea Gagliarducci: Pope Francis and the paradox of the Council

Robert W. Shaffern: Liturgical Reform: The Council and the ‘Consilium’

Ed Condon: Is the Order of Malta still ‘sovereign’?

Stephen P. White: The Lay Vocation

Jennifer Hartline: A Different Kind of Catholic

Casey Chalk: The Destruction of American Catholic Identity

Michael Warsaw: The Catholic Stand Against HHS Mandates

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: The Many ‘Sins and Crimes’ of Archbishop Rembert Weakland

Robert Royal: Late August Stirrings in Rome

Jerome German: Our Sad Abandonment of the Souls of the Unborn

Fr Peter M.J. Stravinskas: The Food That Is Needful

Robert Royal: What’s Happening to Civil Society?

JD Flynn: Cardinal Ouellet allegations will raise Vatican criticisms

Fr Gerald E. Murray: Vatican Failures in Cardinal Ouellet’s Case

John Paul Sonnen: A Sneak Peak of the Private Papal Chapel at Castel Gandolfo

Charles Coulombe: Why the Ordinariates?

E. Christian Brugger: Throwing St. John Paul II Under the Bus

Joseph Pearce: From Racism to Catholicism – One Man’s Journey

Julio Loredo: Germany’s “Synodal Path” Takes the Church Toward Disaster

Jerry D. Salyer: The Papal Push to Keep Latin Alive

Fr Roger Landry: St John Vianney’s Pastoral Plan for Eucharistic Revival

Emily Hess: When Abuse Occurs in a Sacramental Context

Austin Ruse: Fighting the Church may lead you right out of the Church

Anthony Esolen: Latin and God’s Holy People

Scott Hahn: 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time: ‘Vanity of vanities’

George Weigel: Another assault on John Paul II

Donald DeMarco: Alice von Hildebrand, Philosophy and Hypnosis

Noah Peters: Cardinal Gregory’s TLM Restrictions Illustrate Why Traditionis Custodes Must Be Reversed

Bishop Robert Barron: Gun violence and the deep sadness of our teens

Fr Roger Landry: An Important Papal Contribution to the Eucharistic Revival

Eric Sammons: Did Opus Dei Just Receive a Slap on the Wrist from the Pope?

Anthony Esolen: Priests Are to Be Watchmen

Paul Krause: The Story of Salvation Is Restoration

Larry Chapp: Desiderio Desideravi: Connecting Some Papal Dots

Stephen P. White: Notes from Poland 2022

Luke Coppen: ‘Traditionis custodes’ – 1 year on

Larry Chapp: The undermining of John Paul II in the name of Veritatis Splendor continues

Anthony Esolen: The Lost Symbolism of the Liturgy

Timothy P. O’Malley: Pope Francis and Romano Guardini: The Next Stage of Liturgical Renewal

Monica Migliorino Miller: Roe Overturned: The Joy, the Sorrow, and What Else Needs to Be Overturned

David Carlin: In Search of True Human Rights

Dr Bartomeu Font Obrador: Junipero Serra: Saint Among the Indians

Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone: Our Task in Post-Roe America

Sandro Magister: The German Synod Is Infecting the Whole Church, Without the Pope’s Restraining It

Russell Shaw: The Culture War Turns Violent

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Unpacking Justice Alito’s Soundly Constitutional and Philosophically Coherent Dobbs Opinion

Robert Royal: Let Not the Hysterics Distract You

Grace Emily Stark: No, Catholics Are Not ‘Coming for Your Birth Control,’ but Biden’s HHS Is Coming for Your NFP

CNA: Why is June the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

Charles Camosy: The End of Roe: Debunking the top 10 pieces of misinformation

Katie Gillio: How Having a Gay Father Showed Me the Lies of Progressive Catholicism

Anthony Esolen: The Vatican Confesses

Russell Shaw: On scandal and Communion

JD Flynn: Will USCCB find ‘California Love’ on bishops’ retreat?

Round-table Discussion: Pope Francis, Vatican II and ‘Restorationism’

Fr Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM, Cap.: The American Catholic Church: A Defense

Phil Lawler: A bold bishop’s action: unprecedented, yet overdue

Susan Benofy: What Became of the Spirit of the Liturgy? Implementation of Sacrosanctum Concilium 19631965

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Spiritual Wisdom From ‘The Godfather’

Robert Royal: Papal Possibilities, Anno Domini 2022

Ed Condon: Are US dioceses ‘in a corner’ over Traditionis custodes?

John Clark: Don’t Weaponize the Eucharist Against Yourself — Go to Confession

Fr Roger Landry: Archbishop Cordileone Shows Love for the Church, the Eucharist and the Soul of a Lost Sheep

Michael Pakaluk: Redeeming the Time the Christian Way

Andrea Gagliarducci: With Cardinal Sodano’s death, an era has come to a close

Larry Chapp: Pope Francis, Bishop McElroy, and Amoris Laetitia

Phil Lawler: Pope’s rebuke to Americans; prospects for the conclave

JD Flynn: The ‘message’ of McElroy’s red hat

Ava Lalor: The conversation surrounding the liturgy is a good thing

VIDEO: The Next Conclave

CNA: Here are two basic requirements Catholics must meet to receive Holy Communion

Christopher Carstens: In some places, Ascension is on Thursday, while in other places it is observed on Sunday. Why is this the case?

Paul Krause: Catholic Students Want a Catholic Education

Fr Roger J. Landry: The Most Beautiful Church in the World: Sicily’s Cathedral of Monreale

Eric Sammons: Resetting the Old Mass/New Mass Conversation

Fr Roger Landry: 10 Ways John Paul II was an Extraordinary Gift to the Church

Phil Lawler: A French Vatican observer ponders the ‘end of the regime’

Samantha Stephenson: Abortion is the Real Assault on Women

Robert Royal: The Long and the Short of It

Phil Lawler: Red flags in the Vatican financial trial

Sean McClinch: The Homeschooling Father

Dr David W. T. Brattston: Abortion and the Early Church

Robert B. Greving: Catholics in the Crossfire in a Post-Roe World

Paul Senz: Grassroots Choral Group Wants Chant to Be the Church’s Full-Time Gig

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Vatican Finds Itself on the Outside Looking In at Russia-Ukraine Diplomatic Efforts

Kennedy Hall: Convincing the Apathetic Middle the Truth About Abortion

Jennifer Roback Morse: Happy Birthing Person’s Day?! Seriously?

John Horvat II: Three Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Fool With God’s Time

Our Sunday Visitor Editorial Board: The closing of CNS is a sign and product of our times

Jim Russell: The Hollywood Whitewashing of Fr. James Martin

Fr Gerald E. Murray: Calming the Storm

K.V. Turley: From Disneyland to Dismal Land

Ed Condon: Are diocesan mergers on the way?

Phil Lawler: An epidemic of unbaptized Catholics

Jeffrey Ostrowski: Nine Ways To Save Catholic Church Music

Jerome German: Presiders Be Gone – Give Us Priests!

Phil Lawler: Discord among Catholic bishops: a healthy sign

George Weigel: The Recovery of Fraternal Correction Among Bishops

Rev. Daniel Cardó: “The Church Stands or Falls with the Liturgy”: Benedict XVI’s Vision for Church Renewal

Anthony Esolen: Progressive Christianity: The Same Old Tides

Heather King: How Christ upends our flawed ideas about suffering, fault, and forgiveness

Filip Mazurczak: St Pope John Paul II and Ukraine

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Pope Benedict XVI and the ‘German Question’

Our Sunday Visitor: This Easter, go out of your way to make new — and returning — Catholics feel welcome

CNA: Divine Mercy Novena begins on Good Friday

Adoremus.org: Should a Cross or Crucifix be used for veneration on Good Friday?

The Marian Consort: How Allegri’s Miserere should really sound (VIDEO)

John M. Grondelski, Ph.D.: Restore Year-Round Friday Abstinence

Stephen P. White: Back to the Future?

Mary Cuff: Disney Has Been Corrupting Kids for Decades

Robert Royal: Of New Things and Old

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Further Fissures in Orthodox Communion Emerge

Joe Bukuras: Why is the First Saturdays devotion called the ‘unfulfilled part of the Fatima message’?

Regis Martin: Have We Lost Our Hunger for the Bread of Life?

Msgr. Hans Feichtinger: Further Observations on “Preach the Gospel”

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Pope Francis’ 10th-Year Troubles Loom

Monica Migliorino Miller: Pope Francis and the Scrapping of the Just War Doctrine

Luiz Sérgio Solimeo: Archbishop Viganò’s Attempt to Justify Putin’s War on Ukraine Runs Counter the Fatima Message

Fr Gerald E. Murray: Papal Abuse of Liturgical Law

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Pope’s Consecration of Russia and Ukraine Is a Supreme Act of Trust in Our Lady

Robert Royal: The Psalms in Times of War

Phil Lawler: Bombshell memo to cardinals on next papal conclave

David G Bonagura, Jr. : The Hope of Lent

George Weigel: Needed: An Ecumenical Reset

Phil Lawler: The Pope’s arbitrary actions belie his call for ‘synodal’ governance

Michael Brendan Dougherty: Why Catholicism Needs the Latin Mass

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: The Saints of 1622: Holy People Have Holy Companions

Heather King: The Spring is Not for Me

Michael Warsaw: Praying for Peace in Ukraine

Paul Kengor: Keep Your Eyes on Poland

Michelle La Rosa: Fasting, fake meat, and what ‘abstinence’ isn’t : A Lenten Pillar Explainer

Janet E. Smith: The Sad Tale of Spiritual Father vs. Spiritual Son

David Carlin: Will the Bishops Protect Us?

John Horvat II: The End of History Just Ended

Robert Royal: Can Church Divisions Be Healed?

Regis Martin: Take and Read

Randall Smith: The Liturgy Wars

John Hirschauer: The Attack On Benedict XVI

Michael Brummond: Just in Time for Lent: Seven Things You Probably Didn’t Know about the Rite of Penance

Fr Gerald E. Murray: What Are Bishops Supposed to Teach?

Charlotte Allen: Archbishop Cordileone’s New Renaissance in Sacred Music

Michael Pakaluk: Is Vatican II “Spent”?

Joanna Bogle, DSG: The Enduring Legacy of John Paul II’s 1982 Visit to Britain

Fr Roger Landry: The Martyrs of the Sacrament of Confession

Stephen P. White: Benedict’s Mea Culpa

George Weigel: Undercutting Vatican II to Defend Vatican II?

Andrea Gagliarducci: Pope Francis, what will the next pontificate be like?

Wesley J. Smith: Defending Catholic Healthcare

Randall Smith: What Happened After Vatican II?

Norman Fulkerson: A Symbol of Stability in a Gelatinous World

Thomas W. Carroll: Putting the Catholic back in Catholic Schools

Anthony Esolen: Let’s Bring Back Gregorian Chant

Sebastian Morello: Liturgy, Pastoral Care, and Western Civilisation

Robert Royal: Our Darkling Plain

John Horvat II: Three Reasons Why the Supply Chain Problems Will Persist

George Weigel: Russia, Ukraine, and Moral Reckoning

The Pillar: Backs to the wall: Can bishops ban ‘ad orientem’?

Fr Peter M.J. Stravinskas: Disobey and you’ll get your way

Jason Morgan: The Ukrainian Crisis and the Geopolitics of Christendom

Gerhard L. Cardinal Mueller: On Questions about Rights

Plinio Maria Solimeo: What are Gregorian Masses and How Do They Help the Souls in Purgatory?

Peter Jesserer Smith: Alice von Hildebrand: Humble Giant of ‘Authentic Femininity’

John A. Monaco: The Church of the Papal Fiat

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: How Stalin’s Russia-Ukraine ‘Sobor’ Applies to China’s ‘Sinicization’

Robert Royal: Following Which Science?

Joseph MacKinnon: The Anti-Sacramental Metaverse

Robert Royal: Papal Indulgence and the “Style of God”

Kennedy Hall: Fighting the Demon of Pornography

David G. Bonagura, Jr.: Being Catholic in the Workplace

Scott Hahn: Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

Msgr. Charles Pope: From the Peripheries of ‘Traditionis Custodes,’ a Plea to the Bishops

Bob Landry: An Anglican Use Success Story

Robert Royal: Prophecy, Optimism, Hope 2022

John M. Grondelski: The Confusing New “Ministry of Catechist”

Sean Fitzpatrick: Wringing Out Another Wild Year

Kennedy Hall: 2022 Will Be Better…I Think

John Horvat II: A “Not Normal” 2022 Means It’s Time to Improvise and Dare

Josef Luciano: Pope Francis’ Greatest Accomplishment?

Stephen P. White: A Divisive Approach to Liturgical “Unity”

Fr Gerald E. Murray: The Cruel and Incoherent Further Restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass

CNA staff picks: The best Christmas movies to watch this year

John Grondelski: Celebrating Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come

Auguste Meyrat: Exorcizing COVID for Christmas

Jonathan Liedl: Christmas Roundtable: Do You Tell Your Kids About Santa? Which Carol Is the Best? And More…

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Pope Francis and Divine Providence

Ryan Mayer: Advent: Wonder-ful waiting

Paul Kengor: Archbishop Gomez Reveals the Pseudo-Religions of Our Time

Robert Royal: Notre Dame, Restorations, et le Moi

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira: Variety and Unity in Christmas Carols

Sloan Smith & Sarah Newman: 7 Ways to Build a Morally Conscious Investment Portfolio

Peter Kwasniewski: Men, Women, Laity, and Clergy: God’s Wise Plan of Differentiated Order

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Pope Francis’ Acceptance of Archbishop Aupetit’s Resignation Carries Consequences

Auguste Meyrat: The Proposed Designs of Notre Dame’s Interior Will Be More Damaging Than Any Fire

Robert Royal: To Heal the Eyes of the Heart

John Horvat II: Three Gift Suggestions for an Uncertain Christmas

Greg Erlandson: Salvation for a news junkie

Rachel Hoover: What is the Mission of a Parish?

NCR: What the US Bishops’ ‘Eucharistic Coherence’ Document Can Do — If We Let It

Stephen P. White: Restoring Trust after the Abuse Crisis

Joseph Pearce: Restoring Tradition

Charles Fraune: The Exorcism of a Satanic Priestess

Michael Warsaw: Here We Go Again: HHS’ New War on Religious Freedom

Matt Kappadakunnel: Intermittent Social Media Fasting

Francis X. Maier: Gratitude, Expectation, and Advent

Dean Barker: Make Advent Penitential Again

Robert Royal: A Luminous Life of Benedict

Mark Nowakowski: Benedict XVI Institute’s Requiem Mass for the Homeless Transcendentally Beautiful

Robert Royal: Dear Bishops, Ban Them

Fr John A. Perricone: Christ the King: An Embarrassing Feast for a “Reimagined Church”

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Cardinal Joseph Bernardin’s Pastoral Approach Echoes Through the Catholic Church Today

Eric Sammons: Are priests guilty until proven innocent?

David Carlin: A Word or Two about Heresy

Andrew Cusack: Romes that Never Were: Where to Put your Papacy in a Pinch

Robert Royal: Sustaining the Catholic “Thing”

Christopher R. Altieri: Rites, wrongs, and absurdities all around

Edwin Benson: How Rejecting Critical Race Theory Is the Beginning of What Needs to be Done

Robert Royal: The Pope and the President

John M. Grondelski: Why Do We Need to Pray for the Dead?

Vincent Gorre: Gnosticism: The Force Behind the Chaos

Tad Wójcik: Is Covaxin the Pro-Life COVID Vaccine Catholics Have Been Waiting For?

How to get a plenary indulgence any day this November 2021

Charles A. Coulombe: Make Halloween Catholic Again

David Larson: Christians, Beware the Metaverse

L.S. Predy: Breathing with One Lung: Traditional Latin Mass Refugees in the Byzantine Church

Regis Martin: Where Else Are We to Go, If Not to Rome?

Francis X. Maier: Praying for the Pope

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Cardinal George Pell as Biblical Commentator

Nathaniel Richards: This Book is the Maker of Saints

John M. Grondelski: The Theological Error in Many Modern Catholic Hymns

Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia: A Little Wisdom from Bernard

David Larson: Did Gavin Newsom Murder His Mother?

Tom Hoopes: In a World Gone Mad, What Would St. John Paul Do?

The Pillar: Schism, scandal, or sideshow? What’s a bishop to do about ‘womenpriests’?

Fr Gerald E. Murray: Whither the Synod on Synods?

Thomas Griffin: Nancy Pelosi and Her Bishop

Robert Royal: A Roman Weekend to Remember

John A Monaco: Are There Limits to Papal Power?

Peter Kwasniewski, PhD: Clandestine Ordinations Against Church Law: Lessons from Cardinal Wojtyła and Cardinal Slipyj

John Horvat II: Why the Abortion and Transgender Issues Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Richard A. Spinello: The John Paul II Pontifical Institute in Turmoil

Catholic News Agency: How to pray the rosary more deeply

Catholic News Agency: How a sworn Satanist became the apostle of the Rosary

Auguste Meyrat: Who Controls a Child’s Education?

Edwin Benson: Exorcist Reveals Strongest Weapons in War on Satan

Phil Lawler: It’s time to abandon the public schools

David Warren: Words Theologians Play With

Christian Clifford: California governor’s signing AB 338 into law does more harm than good

Edwin Benson: Why Woke Warriors Aim to Strangle Classical Music

Eric Sammons: The Divide Between the Bishops and the Faithful

Phil Lawler: How I learned to mistrust the Synod process

Robert Royal: The Pelosi Dialogues

Prime Matters: Traditionalist, Progressive: Sorting Out the Catholic Tradition

Msgr. Richard Antall: Can California adjust the present by changing the past?

Phil Lawler: The Pope vs. EWTN: too hot to handle?

David Laidlaw: The Catholic Church is the True Home for Those Who Identify as LGBTQ

Fr Gerald E. Murray: The Pope and Civil Unions

Paul Krause: Only True Catholic Education Can Save Our Culture

Robert Royal: Out of Africa

David Mills: What I Saw When I Went to a Traditional Latin Mass

Andrea Gagliarducci: Pope Francis, what awaits him starting in October

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: 2023 Synod Faces a Credibility and Practicality Gap

The Pillar: Abortion, conception, and ‘ensoulment’: What’s a Catholic supposed to believe?

Nishant Xavier: 5 Good Reasons to Become (or Remain!) a Catholic Christian

Robert Royal: Our Largest, Unacknowledged Prejudice

Russell Shaw: The Greatest Catholic Novel

Michael Brendan Dougherty: Where Is Peter? (National Review)

Fr Roger Landry: New York City’s 9/11 Cross Represents Our Enduring Hope

Peter Dabrowski: We Came, We Saw, God Conquered!

Phil Lawler: On when human life begins, Cardinal Gregory flubs the question

Charles Coulombe: The Pope’s Blast from the Past

Francis X. Rocca: The Power of the Latin Mass (Wall Street Journal)

John Horvat II: With the Fall of Afghanistan, We Enter a Dangerous New World

Robert Royal: Cucumber Time

Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki: Religious Exemptions for COVID Vaccines: What Catholics Should Know

Michele McAloon: A Christian Response to a Defeat

Charles A. Coulombe: Who Lost Afghanistan?

Phil Lawler: The misuse of Church authority on vaccination

Virginia Aabram: 3 Reasons Why the Latin Mass Is So Attractive to Young People (According to a 22-Year-Old)

Stephen P. White: What Ever Happened to the “Lay Moment”?

Robert Cardinal Sarah: On the Credibility of the Catholic Church

Fr Peter M.J. Stravinskas: Traditionis Custodes at 30 Days: A Retrospective and a Prospective

Michael Warsaw: EWTN Celebrates 40 Years: Witness to Providence

Austin Ruse: Storm Heaven for Cardinal Burke

Claire Dwyer: 10 Steps To Finding A Spiritual Director

Phil Lawler: Do the media hate Cardinal Burke—or the faith he represents?

Jim Russell: Stop Preaching Half the Gospel

Fr Peter J. Cameron, OP: St Dominic’s Legacy Remains Vibrant 800 Years After His Death

Robert Royal: Summer Stillness

Michael Morris: Bring Back Fish Fridays

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Andrew Cuomo Sacrificed His Catholic Faith for Political Power

Fr Thomas G. Weinandy, OFM, Cap.: Learning from Romeo and Juliet

Paul Kengor: Vax Fanatics and Natural Immunity

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: ‘Traditionis Custodes’: Practical Implications

Casey Chalk: How We Lost the Bible

Matt Kappadakunnelc: Be Angry, but Do Not Sin

John Horvat II: The Contradictions of the Climatarians, an Eco-Sect that Wants to Change the World

Regis Martin: What Really Matters

Andrea Gagliarducci: Pope Francis, towards the end or a new beginning?

Edwin Benson: The Marvelous Story of Our Lady of Charity of Cobre, Patroness of Cuba

David Warren: Popes Come and Go

Dr Nancy Llewellyn: Traditionis Custodes vs. St John XXIII

Robert Royal: Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, and the Great Tradition

Carrie Gress: The War Against Our Lady and Womanhood Marches On

Michael Pakaluk: Heresies of Presumption

George Weigel: Liberal authoritarianism and the traditional Latin Mass

Sarah Sparks: As a deaf Catholic, the Latin Mass gives me equal access to the liturgy

David Carlin: The Vague Grounds of “Systemic” Racism

John Clark: Are We Even Trying To Evangelize Anymore?

Eric Sammons: Traditionis custodes: Serpents over Fish

John Henderson: The Brown Scapular and the Sabbatine Privilege

Donald DeMarco: The Catholic Church is Not a Hotel

George Weigel: Pope Francis and the Life Issues

Denise Donohue: Why Critical Race Theory is contrary to Catholic Education

David Mills: Free the Latin Mass, for the good of the Church and the people who need it

Robert Royal: Liberty, License, Gratitude

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Paul Klengor: May Day: the Socialist Worker vs. St. Joseph the Worker

Fr Dwight Longenecker: Swimming Across the Riptide: The Benedict Option in Action

Michael Pakaluk: How the Year of St Joseph Should Change Me

Anthony Lane: Prince Philip’s Death and the Last Embers of British Stoicism

Thomas Griffin: The Church Should Not Return to “Normal”

Robert Royal: Astronomer of the Spirit

John Horvat II: Rules without God and Eternal Life: The Flaws in Jordan Peterson’s New Book

James R. Bascom: Making Sense of the Chaos that is Destroying America

Fr Raymond J. de Souza: Pope Benedict XVI, the Anchor That Kept Germany Rooted in Christ

Jason Negri: How Catholic Men Can Rise Up and Fight: A Practical Guide

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