“Thank you for this publication. We appreciate the news about Ventura County. It has been helpful in recruiting volunteers and in placing volunteers…”

Anne Hansen, Executive Director of Ignatians West

“Wow! Great work… Just gets better every week… keep up the wonderful work”.

D. Bill Reichmuth, Carmel Mission Basilica

“This is a great website. Lots of useful information, too”.

Patrick Kraft, Knight of Malta

“A real delight, easy to navigate… I am very impressed by how well the site is put together and how user friendly it is!”

Dennis J. Lucey, Cantor

“So very wonderful!!! We have needed this for a very long time”.

Sandra Herbert, Daily Communicant

“Thank you so much for producing the CentralCoastCatholic.net newsletter. It is exactly what I have been needing in order to feel like part of something bigger than my small parish— my larger Church family.
“I found this newsletter to be clear, uncluttered, inspiring, and full of useful information, such as the summarized Mass times throughout the diocese, for those of us whose variable work schedules sometimes necessitate going to Mass wherever and whenever we can. I also like the concept of accepting news about events and activities from all the Monterey parishes and other faith-based communities […] so we can learn from each other, make personal connections, join in prayer, and support each other’s activities. This is an effective way to generate and sustain interest and enthusiasm for our Catholic faith as we strive to practice it in our community.
“Thank you again for your time and effort in undertaking the production of CentralCoastCatholic.net. I look forward to receiving it in the future, and sharing it with others…”

Lonni Trykowski, Parishioner of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Carmel Valley